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Save On A Tow Hook & Skid Plate Retrofit Kit for Levante
To Best Tow Any Type of Trailer.

High performance under all conditions and for each individual need, practicality and functionality perfectly combined with sports style, elegance and care for details. These are the features that make the Maserati Levante a unique and incomparable SUV

Designed and made available as essential and characterising elements of this vehicle model, the Tow Hook Retrofit Kit and the Skid Plate Retrofit Kit for Levante are the ideal solution to meet a variety of transport needs and at the same time reflect the distinguishing style of the vehicle.

The Tow Hook Retrofit Kit for Levante offers the opportunity to equip the vehicle with this additional component – if not chosen when first configuring the vehicle – to best tow any type of trailer.

When the vehicle is ready for installing this component, the Tow Hook can be fitted easily and, thanks to the special lock provided, it can be quickly removed if no longer required.

On all Levante V6 models, the tow hook has been approved for 2,700 kg (5,900 pounds) trailers in the event of mechanically braked trailers, and 750 kg (1,650 pounds) for nonbraked trailers, as outlined in the vehicle Owner’s Manual (OM).

For proper use, the Tow Hook Retrofit Kit requires that the vehicle be equipped with Skid Plates. The rear skid plate allows access through the bumper to the hitch mount. (see below image) (skid plate factory option codes: “Chrome” version, OPT code 5DC or “Black Piano” version, OPT code 4UV). In addition, fitting the Tow Hook will involve deactivation and removal of the Kick Sensor for Automatic Luggage Compartment Opening (OPT code XZ2), since the two components are not compatible.

Component Fitting

Each vehicle is already equipped with all wiring required for installation. It is therefore necessary to install the Retrofit Kit using only the correct version, based on the presence, of the factory installed Skid Plates.
The options available are the following:

US version

  • 940000863 – TOW HOOK RETROFIT KIT – USA

NOTE: in those cases where the installation of the Skid Plates is required, the kit will also include the lower section of the front and rear bumper. This will be only primer-coated and shall be painted in the same color as the car at the body shop, to then replace the part originally fitted to the vehicle.


If the Tow Hook is not used, the component may be easily stored in the dedicated compartment inside the spare wheel housing or, alternatively, in the special bag that can be ordered using the following Part Numbers:

670100898 – TOW HOOK BAG – USA

Towing Mirror Extension

Designed to best assist the driver while towing, the Mirror Extension kit has been specially designed and approved by the Maserati Research and Development Dept. to assure optimal performance. The kit comes in a Maserati branded box and includes two mirrors that can be easily secured to the Levante rearview mirrors.


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