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Maserati Levante Accessories

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Care and Protection

Maserati Levante Accessories



The Indoor Car Cover, specially-designed for the Levante, traces the muscular lines of the car body, enveloping and protecting it to perfection. Made-to-measure using a quality anti-laddering Maserati blue fabric, the cover is finished with contrasting light-grey details which further bring out the distinctiveness of the vehicle lines.



The Outdoor Car Cover optimally protects the vehicle against dust, scratches and the effects of the weather. The use of high-performance fabric makes the cover waterproof, breathable and stretchable: this eliminates the wind effects Care and Protection 10 and provides a perfect fit under any conditions. The cover comes in a light-grey colour and is branded with Maserati blue details which highlight the muscular lines of the car.

Care and Protection

Maserati Ghibli Accessories



The high-quality materials that make up the Levante, from the interiors to the smart exterior details, require specific products to protect them in the best possible way. The Car Care Kit created for the Maserati sedan comes in a smart and practical transparent case with leather details. All the products are tested and approved by Maserati’s laboratories and are part of the “Kyoto Friendly” line, making them a perfect balance between quality and respect for the environment.



A compact and simple-to-use device, the Levante Battery Charger and Conditioner keeps the charge level of your car battery in optimal condition between 95 and 100% and, when required, charges it. The device does not need to be programmed: just connect the car battery to a standard power socket, and you may leave it connected for several months without any risk of damage to the vehicle.

Care and Protection

Maserati Levante Loading Solutions

Roof Cross Bars


Roof Cross Bars are an essential element for installing the right equipment for trips and sports outings, with a low profile which stays close to the car roof. Roof Box, Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier, Roof Mounted Bicycle Carrier and Roof Mounted Surfboard Carrier. The use of aeronautical technologies and wind tunnel testing has reduced aerodynamic noise and drag force to a minimum. The bars are made of aluminium and the rail anchoring system is fast and simple.

Roof Box


Comfort and well-being have always gone hand in hand with class and style on-board a Maserati. A prerequisite that also holds for the countless loading solutions available for the Levante, such as the spacious Roof Box, which features a sleek design optimised to blend style and space. Lightweight and aerodynamic, the box boasts a volume of 410 litres, dramatically increasing the loading capacity of the vehicle. The box has a double opening system which simplifies loading and unloading under any conditions.

Care and Protection

Maserati Levante Accessories

Luggage Compartment Foldable Box


The practical Foldable Box is the ideal solution for keeping small and mediumsized objects tidy, and to avoid losing anything inside the luggage compartment. Another example of classic Maserati design, the box can be easily secured using the Velcro strip on its base and rear, whilst when folded it can also be used as a stylish and convenient briefcase with a front pocket to carry documents, a tablet etc.

Luggage Compartment Adaptive Divider


The Luggage Compartment Adaptive Divider, comprising a rigid telescopic frame, allows the luggage compartment to be flexibly divided, so as to organise the space available effectively and to prevent objects within the luggage compartment from moving. The system is easily secured to the rails of the luggage compartment floor (optional), along which it can slide as desired, and comes with strong securing straps with a quick-release mechanism.


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